U-Haul Saves 1,410 Cars’ Worth Of Impact

A Wisconsin U-Haul operation has announced today that through repurposing a strip mall for its new facility in Baraboo, WI, it has effectively saved 1,410 automobiles’ worth of steel and then some!

Have you ever wondered why corporations don’t use existing, vacant facilities instead of building new ones?  So have we.  And, apparently, so did U-Haul’s new Baraboo, WI facility.

According to a November 29th, 2017 press release,

“The recent acquisition of the 175,078-square-foot facility was driven by U-Haul Company’s Corporate Sustainability initiatives: U-Haul supports infill developments to help local communities lower their carbon footprint. Our adaptive reuse of existing buildings reduces the amount of energy and resources required for new-construction materials and helps cities reduce their unwanted inventory of unused buildings.

By repurposing the abandoned Baraboo property, U-Haul prevented the use of 1,399 tons of metal manufacturing and transportation (the amount of steel used to make 1,410 passenger cars); avoided 6,485 tons of new concrete pours (enough to create 131 miles of concrete blocks); kept 7,994 tons of construction and demolition debris out of landfills (avoiding 307 dump trucks traveling 6,457 miles); and stopped 8,225,174 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere (the carbon emissions of 631 large SUVs or pickup trucks for one year).”

U-Haul’s recent efforts to promote sustainability through repurposing facilities such as this one are important reminders for sectors in which economy and environment aren’t necessarily thought of as paramount.  Although U-Haul employs cargo vehicles that have small returns in terms of fuel economy and thus, emissions, the company has chosen to address their short-comings head-on in a way that makes sense to consumers and is relative to their industry and implements.


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