Dealers Are Messing Up EV Sales

A study by Ipsos RDA shows that traditional brand dealerships are dropping the ball on EV sales. Cited problems include unprepared staffs, inconsistent practices, and limited EV inventory and information.

Unlike traditional brands, Tesla only sells electric vehicles, and doesn’t suffer from these problems.

While other brands have introduced a number of electric vehicles into their lineups, sales staff at dealers often know next to nothing about the cars. Shoppers looking for an EV or for a particular model of EV will find different experiences at dealers. Some are well-informed, supportive and helpful while others are either not informed or don’t have any EVs in stock at all.

Ultimately this leads dealers to push buyers toward other vehicles. Traditional dealers are more informed about their hybrid or gas offerings, and encourage buyers to abandon their search for an EV. This not only reduced trust in the dealerships and the brand, but reduced the chance of getting a sale at all.

What this study doesn’t get into is the possible reasons behind the dealers’ issues. While it could be simple ignorance or a tendency to not do new things well, EV buyers speculate in online forums and groups that dealers don’t WANT to sell EVs. The increased durability and less need for maintenance would lead to dealers making less money in the future, so the dealers might be sabotaging EVs intentionally.

Further study of this is needed to determine WHY dealers aren’t doing right with EVs.


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