Retailers, Trucking Companies Lining Up To Buy Tesla Semi

A number of retailers have already put down deposits to get the first Tesla Semi trucks for testing and, if successful, further buys for their corporate fleets.

Major news outlets have already covered Walmart’s plans. With over 6,000 trucks in current use, Walmart is one of the big players in retail truck fleets. If Walmart were to move their fleet to Tesla trucks, they already have many locations around the country where they may partner with Tesla to place charging infrastructure, which could prove a valuable ally for the electric car maker.

Grocery chains Meijer and Loblaw have also signed up for trucks. Meijer, a Michigan chain, says they’re at the “front of the line” and have put down deposits on 4 trucks. Loblaw, a Canadian grocer, has ordered 25 of the trucks.

Outside of retailers, J.B. Hunt, a trucking company, told Bloomberg that they are buying several Tesla Semis to run on the west coast of the United States.

As well-connected and well known as Tesla is, it’s unlikely that these are the only big companies who have placed deposits, and many smaller trucking and retail companies may be in line as well. While there is certainly a challenge ahead for Tesla to mass produce these trucks, they’re off to a great start selling them.


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