India Gets Its First EV Charging Station

Like many developing countries, India’s auto industry is far behind. Cars with zero-star safety ratings, rough roads, and low rates of car ownership are all very real problems. But, despite being decades behind, it’s still 2017. We can’t expect India’s auto industry to take every step more developed parts of the world did, because they can learn from the mistakes we made. With all that in mind, it’s great news to hear that the country has opened its first electric vehicle charging station!

New Delhi TV reports that Indian Oil Company (IOC), owned by the Indian government, installed the station in Nagpur. Located at an existing petrol station, the station is the first of many more to come. In a public statement, IOC says that they are looking ahead and considering how Indians will commute in coming decades.

The Indian Times reports that India plans to have have 6-7 million electric or hybrid vehicles by 2020, and 100% electric cars by 2030. Implementing a much more widespread charging infrastructure is going to be a big part of the plan.


2 thoughts on “India Gets Its First EV Charging Station

  1. I think there might be a queue at the charger with 6-7 Million cars and 1 charger 😉 I hope they get a few more chargers quickly.


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