Toyota Chair Says Electric Cars Are Not Ready For Mass Production

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Toyota Chief Takeshi Uchiyamada said EVs are not ready for mass production. He also said that, unlike his German counterparts, he does not see Tesla as competition or a role model.

“Battery-powered cars with a long range are very expensive and it takes a long time to charge them,” he said. “Such cars do not fit in our program.”

While he said he doesn’t see EVs as viable today, he did indicate that Toyota is working on a new solid state battery technology that should make them work for Toyota. Toyota has also entered into a partnership with Mazda, another company not getting into EV production, to jointly develop battery technology.

Uchiyamada said he expects the technology to be ready in four to five years, and that we can expect Toyota to mass produce EVs in the future.


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