BMW Recalling i3 Because Some Women Don’t Wear Seatbelts

BMW is about to have a massive voluntary recall on all US i3 cars, since the initial launch in 2014. The reason? Women 5’0″ tall and under 100 pounds who aren’t wearing seatbelts might suffer a neck injury. All sales of new i3s have been stopped until recall work can be performed.

Inside EVs reached out to i3 owners on Facebook and found that those who were in the process of purchasing an i3 have been told by the dealers that they’ll have to wait for the issue to be corrected prior to the sale’s completion and delivery. Dealers have been told that current i3 owners will receive letters in January notifying them of the recall and information on scheduling the needed work.

Current BMW owners should not be concerned. If you are one of the small percentage of American women under 5 feet tall and under 110 pounds, simply wear your seat belt to avoid the possible injuries in a crash (duh!). The problem appears to only apply to a driver, and not any passenger seats in front or rear.

The reality of the situation is that the recall and the stop-sale is purely the result of regulations and doesn’t really improve the safety of any driver who is smart enough to wear a seat belt. i3 owners that EcoMotoring News have contacted all are quite pleased with their cars, including those who have been in crashes. Hopefully the public will not take this unnecessary recall to mean that the i3 is an unsafe car.


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